“Future is in the hands of today’s Youth and he has to be awakened, now!

Act now for the better next.

Don’t count days, make days count you.”

Y. P. S. S. stands for Yuva Parivar Sewa Samiti, a youth empowerment organization.

There were times when, rolled into the torrents of the so-called modernity, these YOUTHS went to the extent of neglecting their moral responsibilities. However, the same ‘care-a-fig’ attitude has today been transformed into the ‘care-for’ attitude for the nation, under the prudent guidance of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

Today you can find the vibrant, enthusiastic and high-current youth of Y. P. S. S. serving the various sections of the society, in a dedicated and selfless manner, without any want for monetary gratification. Not only this, you can readily witness the wretched and rotten practices of the present day society being burnt down to ashes in the blazing flames of their revolutionary zeal and vigour.